Aykut Dursen


Aykut Dursen

Aykut Dursen finished the University of Hacettepe State Conservatory of Ankara at 1987 with first price from Tahir Sumer class. He studied with Franco Petracchi at Geneva in 1988,with Heinrich Schneikart at the Vienna Music Academy in 1990 and also with his assistant Herbert Menhart who was solo-basse more than 30 years at the Vienna opera House.

He continued his studies at Brussels with Roland Lafosse at 1993. He combined both German and French bow technics and also those two important culture’s particularities and repertory references with a basic theory and practice knowledge on the basse .For that he took also another two diplomas from Francois Rabbath Institute at Paris 2005 after ten years.

He gave many workshops and master-classes on his personal approach for music and bass technic and experience of different styles like world-music ,tango, French song, experimental, contemporary until oriental music and pop -jazz.

He played with different ensemble which permitted him to develop free special improvisation art between east and west. He gave solo and chamber music concerts whole of Europe, Israel, Jordan, Japan & Turkey.

Composing and arranging music for movies, improvisation for theater, poetry accompaniment and studio-works…

He is member of Royal Flemish Philharmonic Orchestra as a second soloist from 1992.He played solo pieces with several orchestras and ensemble many times. He uses Tanbur, Saz, Mandoline on his music groups like Muzzeik, Lule Bore, Trio Sirta, Il Florileggio, Trio Telli etc. He composed Nostalgic Melodies for Bass and chamber orchestra which performed 2006.

He gives private lessons for bass, but also for musical theory . He recorded many discs as member of different groups but his recital at Eskisehir during his master-class has been recorded with J.S.Bach’s cello suites on bass with original key. His interest of many different points brings him as very flexible self though bass-player with his advanced technic today.

He is first soloist at the flemish opera from 2011.